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The technology experience begins in preschool when students come to the computer lab once a week and begin their early learning of what a computer really is. Through the use of games and applications, students also practice their fine motor skills as they learn to handle a mouse and manipulate keys. They also practice letter recognition as they are required to use the keys to operate the computer.

Primary grades spend time becoming even more familiar with the computer systems. They will learn how to identify parts of a computer, parts of the internet, and a thing or two about internet safety. By the end of 2nd grade, students will:

  • Be able to log into the Windows operating system using their own unique log in and password.

  • Navigate the internet, while evaluating safety, to find appropriate websites for them to use.

  • Create documents, presentations, and other files for classes and save them on their own network drive for later retrieval.

  • Independently use a drawing program.

A shift occurs in third and fourth grades with the use of more of the Google product solutions. We spend a great deal of time training them on these products so they can begin to use them in their course of study.

During the Intermediate technology years, 5th and 6th graders study global technology, exploring the many intricacies of technology and how it relates to and drives the business world and our culture. Topics such as the evolution of communication and industrial process will be looked at. Students will spend time using data to draw conclusions and make inferences about real live data and how technology plays an important role of our society.

Students will be able to create spreadsheets, understand documents, understand basic web development.

During Junior High, students are looking at how technology has evolved and the many ways it is used to influences our choices, and decisions. Real world digital media and digital practices will be discussed and explored. An emphasis on the social media craze of today along with the ethical and moral implications of misuse will also be explored. This course is meant to encourage informed thinking about the role technology plays in their everyday lives.