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Welcome to Saint Mary School,

As principal, it is my privilege to welcome you to the school family of Saint Mary Parish, a school which prides itself on an over 150 year tradition of excellence. We are a warm and welcoming community where a highly qualified faculty and staff create an atmosphere of mutual respect, cultivating social and emotional learning along with academic excellence.

Our mission statement calls the educators and parents to work in partnership for the well being of our students. While parents serve as the primary educators, faculty and staff function as servant leaders dedicated to developing the whole student, spiritually, academically and socially. We value the importance of working collaboratively to prepare the students in our care for lifelong learning. We meet our goal through a recognized program of academic excellence which challenges our students to academic benchmarks aligned with the common core standards and the curriculum standards of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Students discover the world through inquiry based learning and differentiated instruction as they build critical thinking and problem solving skills. Classroom work is implemented through the skill of our teaching staff which is supported through the expertise of our resource staff and teacher aides, the effectiveness of ongoing professional development and the stream of online communication with parents via Power School and teacher portals.

Leadership development is also recognized as a priority in helping our students reach their potential. This goal is supported by the research which indicates that leadership can be taught and learned. Direct instruction, service opportunities and requirements, an emphasis on personal responsibility and mutual respect, social development via extracurricular activities such as Student Council and sports programs are all vehicles to building this skill.

Our community is made strong by the Catholic environment grounded in faith which is integrated throughout our program and easily visible in the Saint Mary experience which includes liturgical celebrations, community prayer, religious study, opportunities and requirements for service, sacramental preparation and an emphasis on moral decision making. Students are influenced by the visible presence of the pastor, in addition to the faculty and staff, each of whom give testimony to faith in action. In these experiences our students are preparing for their role as messengers for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

No doubt you can see the pride I feel in being part of this dynamic Catholic school.

Lynne Strutzel


Administrative Team

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