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Student creativity shines in Art Classes from kindergarten through eighth grade.  Classes are interactive.  In addition to the instructional experience, students participate in “Mystery Artist”, use the Color Palette Management System, develop sketchbook prompts and work to achieve “Artist of the Week” certificates. 

Classes work on a variety of projects using all forms of artistic mediums at all grade levels. Students focus on effort/participation, creativity, craftsmanship and following directions.


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As music-makers of the 21st century, our Saint Mary School students are musicians who are tuneful, boatful and artful! Students create, perform, respond and connect to music in meaningful and developmentally appropriate ways, discovering, exploring and experiencing sacred music from our Catholic heritage as well as secular music spanning many cultures and genres.

Early Childhood Learning Community: Preschool- Kindergarten

Our preschool and Kindergarten students receive music instruction once a week. These music classes are centered on play. Students sing, move to music and feel the beat through playful songs and games.

Primary Learning Community: Grades 1-2

Our first and second grade students receive music instruction twice a week. Similar to our Early Childhood program, our music classes are focused on play! Students sing, play games, move to music, and are introduced to our classroom Orff instruments, which they will continue to use throughout their years at school. Music notation is formally introduced- students are reading quarter notes, paired eighth notes, quarter rest and half notes on the five line treble clef staff in second grade. Pitches are centered on the pentatonic scale- Do, Re, Mi, Sol, La. Students look forward to the annual Advent Musical, in which they sing and act in a performance for the school and local community.


Elementary Learning Community: Grades 3-4

Our third grade students receive music instruction twice a week. With a focus on performance, students prepare for their "Kids Around the World" performance in the winter. Our fourth grade students receive music instruction once a week, and enjoy their formal introduction to harmony through the use of hand-chimes. By fourth grade, our students sing, play and identify major and minor melodies on the treble clef staff using our classroom instruments. Both grades participate in the Very Special Person Day music showcase each spring.

Intermediate Learning Community: Grades 5-6

Our intermediate students receive music instruction once a week. Our fifth graders deepen their understanding of rhythm, melody and harmony throughout the year. Their year includes a unit on spirituals and ends in completing compositions in major and minor melodies. Our sixth graders study Western music history from Gregorian chant through Beethoven. As the students learn about composers of the past, they themselves learn how to be composers in the eras that they are studying.

Junior High Learning Community: Grades 7-8

Our junior high students receive music instruction once a week. In addition to creating and performing, students explore how music is an integral part of our world. Favorite units of study include "What's your theme song?", Chromebook composers, music of the Caribbean, blues and jazz, music and society in the 1960s, musical theatre and movie music.