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Phlaum Gospel Weeklies help our second graders to hear each gospel in simpler terms. These "Good News" weekly readings also help students to learn the parts of the mass and the different seasons that we celebrate in our church. Students will have a separate Reconciliation and First Eucharist book from RCL Benziger to help prepare them for the sacraments that they will be making in second grade. Catholic values are discussed through the school wide Virtue of the Month program and integrated into each subject.

School theme: Faith to Move Mountains

Emphasis on:

  • Virtue of the Month

  • parts of the mass

  • learning traditional prayers

  • weekly gospels

  • preparation for Reconciliation

  • preparation for First Eucharist

  • how to treat others as Jesus did


The Journeys series from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt allows students to learn new vocabulary words, comprehend the weekly story, focus on grammar strategies that were used in the text, spell new words related to the text, and respond to those stories using different writing strategies.

Emphasis on:

  • grammar

  • vocabulary

  • comprehension

  • reading comprehension and fluency

  • writing

  • spelling


The University of Chicago Everyday Mathematics-Common Core Edition builds on understanding with a focus on problem solving in everyday situations and mathematical contexts.

Emphasis on:

  • numbers and routines

  • addition and subtraction facts

  • place value

  • money

  • time

  • 3D and 2D shapes

  • operations and number stories

  • patterns and rules

  • introduction to fractions

  • measurement

  • decimals and place value

  • introduction to multiplication and division using arrays


The Next Generation Science Standards and the Archdiocese of Chicago Science standards drive our instruction. In conjunction to those, Science A to Z helps students go more in depth on the topics that they are learning about.

Emphasis on:

  • what scientists do

  • different types of science (biology, chemistry, astronomy, etc.)

  • space

  • rocks and minerals

  • habitats

  • plant and animal life cycles

  • landforms

  • states of matter


Houghton Mifflin Neighborhoods guides our instruction to help second graders develop an awareness of the world around them.

Emphasis on:

  • communities

  • cultures

  • understanding our global address (continent, country, state, town, school, etc)

  • American symbols and landmarks

  • citizenship

  • levels of government and law-making

  • types of resources

  • needs and wants

  • goods and services

  • Revolutionary War history


Throughout the year, students will write prayers and religious sayings in printing and cursive as a way to integrate both religious teachings and develop fine-motor handwriting skills. Our handwriting book is called Writing Our Catholic Faith.

Emphasis on:

  • reviewing printing

  • learning cursive

  • reviewing religious teachings and names from the Bible


Risa y sonrisas

  • The children will be developing their language skills in basic Spanish through a variety of activities including songs, games, conversations, and simple reading and writing exercises


The art class at Saint Mary is an interactive experience. Students are encouraged to strive for a "growth mindset.” Students use all forms of artistic mediums to do a variety of artistic projects.

Students are evaluated using pass/fail, based on the following guidelines:

  • effort/participation

  • creativity

  • craftsmanship


The goal of the P.E. and Health curriculum at Saint Mary School is for students to gain a greater awareness about what constitutes their physical, mental and social well-being. The program mission is to provide the knowledge and skills that will enable students to become literate. This will allow them to make responsible decisions and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their life, which benefits students of all ages and all aspects of their growth, development and learning. This will allow the students to become proficient movers, demonstrate strong character, collaborate effectively with their peers, think critically and become advocates for family and friends in promoting the value of exercise and making healthy lifestyle choices.