• Saint Mary School
  • Buffalo Grove, IL - (847) 459-6270


Kindergarten students acquire knowledge of mathematics and the ability to apply math skills to solve problems. The text used for instruction is Sadlier Common Core Progress.

Emphasis is on:

  • Identifying and writing numbers

  • Counting to 100 by ones and tens

  • Counting on from any number

  • Counting and representing sets of objects

  • Cardinal order and ordinal numbers

  • Greater than, less than, and equal to

  • Decomposing numbers

  • Solving number stories and sentences

  • Writing number sentences

  • Object sorting

  • Pattern building

  • Graphing and analyzing the data

  • Identifying 2D and 3D shapes

  • Drawing and creating shapes

  • Describing the attributes of shapes

  • Identifying shapes in the environment

  • Identifying relative position

  • Describing weight and length



The art class at Saint Mary is an interactive experience. Students are encouraged to strive for a "growth mindset.” Students use all forms of artistic mediums to do a variety of artistic projects.

Students are evaluated using pass/fail, based on the following guidelines:

  • effort/participation

  • creativity

  • craftsmanship 


The Language Arts Program includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the study of literature. The components of the program emphasize the development of those skills that allow students to read with fluency, comprehend and interpret written materials, communicate well and listen and speak effectively. The textbooks used for reading are Journey’s Common Core: Catholic School Edition and Jolly Phonics.

Reading fluency will develop and improve as students are presented with the following skills:

  • Concepts of print

  • Book handling

  • Environmental print

  • First and last names

  • Left to right reading

  • Punctuation

  • Book parts

  • Letters, words, sentences, stories

  • phonics/phonemic awareness

  • Letters sounds and recognition

  • Beginning, middle and end sounds

  • Rhyming

  • Onset and rime

  • Blending phonemes and words

  • Comprehension

  • Characters and setting

  • Inferences and predictions

  • Story structure

  • Conclusions

  • Main ideas and details

  • Comparing and contrasting

  • Summarizing and sequencing events


Students will be able to act, write, and dictate their own stories. At the beginning of the year, students use pictures to share their thoughts on paper which develops into writing words and later into sentences throughout showcasing growth throughout the year.


Students learn formal handwriting skills with an emphasis on letter formation using Writing Our Catholic Faith From Universal Publishing.


Catholic values are discussed and integrated throughout all learning areas. Students will learn about the Catholic faith through stories, activities, scripture, prayer, discussions, and art. Students study the weekly Gospel reading with Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation.

Emphasis is on:

  • Common prayers

  • Creation

  • The Trinity

  • Celebrating liturgy

  • Lives of the Saints


Kindergarten students will explore different areas of science.

Emphasis is on:

  • The five senses

  • Seasons

  • Plants and animals

  • Life cycles

  • Weather

  • Hygiene and self care


Students learn Social Studies throughout the day, from following classroom expectations to being a good friend and beyond. Students will learn more in-depth aspects of our society.

Emphasis is on:

  • Community

  • Holidays

  • Our country

  • Influential Americans

  • Lives of Saints


Risa y sonrisas

The children will be developing their language skills in basic Spanish through a variety of activities including songs, games, conversations, and simple reading and writing exercises.