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The Special Service Team (SST) at Saint Mary School works in collaboration with classroom teachers to support student learning by meeting individual student needs. This team of educators works with Pre-K – 8th grade students and consists of school administrators, learning specialists, and a speech and language pathologist.

In line with the holistic approach to education at Saint Mary School, the Special Service Team looks at the child’s total development including cognitive development, achievement level and social and emotional maturity, to help understand classroom performance. The SST meets with classroom teachers and provides support with practical plans to meet the needs of their students. These plans may include small group or individual interventions to remediate weak skill areas with inclusions or pull-out as needed, behavioral interventions, individual or small group enrichment plans; these strategies may be short or long term, depending on the needs of the learners. The Special Service Team meets on a regular basis and follows up with on-going concerns to evaluate progress and track and report on progress made with classroom accommodations or skill interventions.

When talking about special services, it is important to recognize Saint Mary School’s commitment to educating the whole child. This team of teachers, with diverse expertise, enables our school to look beyond the surface of a child’s habits and develop an understanding about why something is or is not working for a child in the classroom. Getting to the why and creating appropriate classroom supports make it possible for each student to become their very best.


Working in collaboration with classroom teachers, the Special Service Team works to support student learning by meeting individual needs and respecting learning differences. The Special Service Team also functions as a Saint Mary family's link to District 102 resources and testing, when necessary.