• Saint Mary School
  • Buffalo Grove, IL - (847) 459-6270


At Saint Mary School we offer a full-day Kindergarten. Our program is academic in nature and takes into consideration the development of Kindergarten-aged children by including both grade level learning and leveled learning opportunities for students. Our Kindergarten curriculum is aligned with state of Illinois and Archdiocesan learning standards and is designed to be holistic, as teachers support cognitive, social and spiritual development, during every school day.

In class, students work in both large and small group settings. Large group work allows teachers to develop community within the classroom and scaffold students in their social interactions with each other while smaller groups allow our teachers to differentiate learning and deliver instruction in exciting, meaningful ways that engage children in the learning process. At Saint Mary School, Kindergarten is a place where students are inspired to learn and grow to their fullest potential.

The Saint Mary Kindergarten program is comprehensive, including core content areas such as religion, language arts (reading, writing, speaking and listening), phonics, writing, handwriting, mathematics, and social studies and science concepts. Additionally, our Kindergarten students participate in high caliber programming in STEM, music class, Phys.Ed., Spanish, art, technology and library.


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