Tax Credit Scholarship

Saint Mary School has prepared two communications to update you about the Tax Credit Scholarship Process:

There is still time to DONATE to the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship fund.

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APPLY for a Tax Credit Scholarship (TCS).

The application process will open on January 22nd for Big Shoulders Fund and January 31st for Empower Illinois.

Click here to learn more about the APPLYING for TCS.


Household Income: · Form 1040 (Federal Tax Return), Page 1 &2 only, 2016 or 2017

o Complete tax return required if a business owner

· If Do Not File taxes, provide other evidence of income: Examples: W-2, recent pay stubs, Form 1099, official letter from employer, disability statement, etc.

Proof of Residence (one of the following):

· Illinois Driver's License with current address · Illinois State ID with current address · Utility bill with name and current address Evidence of Child’s Age for

Kindergarten and 1st Grade students only (one of the following) · Birth certificate · Passport

Public Assistance (provide documentation if receive benefits for): · SNAP · WIC

Families should know: Number of the Public School District in which the household resides:

Example: #299 for Chicago Public School System

The Archdiocese of Chicago is hosting events this week about the Tax Credit Scholarship process.

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