Tuition & Registration
"Enter the Journey"
If you are interested in being contacted to find out more about Saint Mary School, please fill out our Initial Inquiry Form online.  

Once you are ready to apply for admission to Saint Mary School, families are asked to complete the Family Cumulative Record and fill out an  K - 8th grade Enrollment form  or Preschool Enrollment Form. New students will be asked to submit a copy of their birth certificate, as well as sacramental certificates (when applicable), upon admission.  Additionally, transfer students will be asked to submit current academic transcripts for review.  

We also have our Extended Day Program registration form available as well as our Family Referral Program which can earn you tuition credits for referring families to Saint Mary School. (Family Referrals must be handed in at the time of registration.)

We utilize FACTS as our online payment plan processing group.  You can view more information on the FACTS site.   Additionally, there is a Tuition Assistance program through FACTS as well.   
Please contact our main office at 847-459-6270 or Moramay Flores at during regular business hours with any questions. 

TUITION RATES                                                                                                 
Tuition Rates for the 2017-2018 school year:
  Non Parishioner Active Parishioner Program
 3yr. Preschool $4,340 $3,340 3 half days
 3 & 4 yr. Preschool $5,340 $4,340 5 half days
 3 & 4 yr. Preschool $6,340 $5,340 5 full days
 One Child $7,000 $4,990 Grades K-8
 Two Children $14,000 $7,990 Grades K-8
 Three Children $21,000 $9,990 Grades K-8
 Four Children $28,000 $10,990 Grades K-8

Effective January, 2017