• Saint Mary School
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Saint Mary School, a Catholic educational community, is an integral part of the Saint Mary Parish Community, embracing the values and traditions of the Catholic faith.

We believe that children learn best when they are fully involved in learning activities. Through our educational programs and various teaching methods, we strive to enhance positive self-concepts in each student, incorporate aspects of values education, teach the basic skills and augment skills of critical thinking, and self-direction necessary to function as a contributing person in society.

We believe that faculty in partnership with parents, who are the primary educators, recognize the uniqueness of each child. We seek to provide an atmosphere where students develop a wholesome  self-image and reach their full potential.  All faculty, staff, contracted employees, and volunteers of Saint Mary School are  expected to act in accordance with our stated Philosophy of Education.


Father George Balleweber endeavored to continue the work begun by so many priests before him.  Under his administrative ability, the “new” school was built. The beautification of the church property while he was pastor was due to his passion for landscaping and gardening. He provided the Sisters with a comfortable and convenient home. His untiring efforts for his congregation, the young people and children made him a true leader of the parish. He held a special place in his heart for the children in the Parish. In fact, it had been said that when he died he would to go “Children’s Heaven”.

He always tried to instill in the children of the Parish a realization that “we are here to know, love and serve God so that someday we can be happy with God hereafter.” He would say that “we are in a world of material things but the things of the spirit must balance it. It would be better to be a dismal failure in this world and save our souls than to be a brilliant success and lose our souls.” He was known to say, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul? The most important thing is how they form their character and fashion their souls as God would have them doing what God wants them to do to gain Heaven.”

He intensely wanted children to receive Holy Communion daily. In prayer, he begged God to give his children the grace to carry on. He did not spare himself in providing every opportunity for the spiritual advancement of every member of his Parish in the hope that they might lead exemplary Catholic lives thinking more of their external salvation that of their material well-being.